Vivamk the People's Business

When you join VivaMK you realise quickly that we are a People's Business.

As this VivaMK Blog and post states "VivaMK the People's Business", yes, this is true and here is why. 

People who join us, have maybe other reasons than I have. Some maybe want to earn an extra income, some want to have their own Business, Home shopping business, and some want to want to become a better person. Not meaning, they were bad, no, I mean with becoming a better person to come out of their comfort zones, trying things they never did before and gaining more confidence and believe in themselves.  

With VivaMK you can all have that, and the great thing is , we learn from each other, get inspired by others to achieve more. 

Just yesterday I have heard from a few team members of our Front Row Team, that they want more from their life. They came out of their comfort zones and trying new things within our business. I am so proud of them. 

Maybe take a read about our Team and how we work. Visit this page for more information

Follow this VivaMK Blog, you will see, learn, read and hear more about how it is running a VivaMK Business and get an insight of the VivaMK Business Life. 

VivaMK catalogues

 Our catalogues are the main core of our business . 

VivaMK catalogues Vivamkbizlife Blog

The VivaMK catalogues create most of the orders in our business. We distributors are either delivering these in our local area or customers or sharing these with friends, family and work colleagues. 

Currently we have 4 different catalogues available.

Our Main catalogue is the far left one (on picture shown) , we are also offering a fantastic Beauty range with most of the products are vegan . Our Personalised Gifts catalogue I think is in my opinion unique, a very special one, customers can personalise products with special notes, names, etc. A great way for making it as a gift.  The far right catalogue is our HouseProud catalogue featuring VivaMK's own eco- and also vegan- friendly Cleaning products , Blue Magic products and others. 

VivaMK products and catalogues Vivamkbizlife Blog

The VivaMK range offers are already a wide range and it keeps growing. 
there is something for anyone in our catalogues. Whether it is some bedding, kitchen gadgets, Nail varnish, a stain remover or even products for your pets, there is something for anyone in our catalogues, as mentioned before. 

Our next catalogue which will be launched very soon will be our Christmas 2020 catalogue. Stay tuned, you will see Christmas crackers and cards, gift bags, Christtmas bedding,  toys and indoor and outdoor lighting. Stay tuned. 

Disinfecting and Protection against Covid-19

These days we need to look ourselves and others around us.

Disinfecting & Protection ðŸ’–
Covid19 Protection VivaMK Network

Can be ordered directly from VivaMK Online Shop

Two new catalogues

Two new catalogues have been released. 😁

We distributors are excited sharing these with our customers as soon as we can .
The garden catalogue features gardening products and also garden decoration products. 

Garden and Outdoor catalogue VivaMK
Garden and Outdoor at VivaMK

Our new HouseProud catalogues features now even more what our customers want. 

Products for cleaning, products to use in the kitchen and household. We are offering essential products.

It doesn't stop there any products can be purchased from all catalogues available online as well, delivered straight to our customers door.

Click 🔜 VivamkOnlineShop and browse all current offers now.

Essential HouseProud products at VivaMK
HouseProud VivaMK

Products Customers Love

Products customers love

This is a beautiful LED purple butterfly orb.🦋

Showing you a product which is on the front cover of our main catalogue. 

It comes with two butterflies, a sprig of purple berries and a LED light chain.  The dome made from glass.  

It is so gorgeous . It should look great wherever it being put. 
It is battery operated and it has a switch on / off switch. 

The VivaMK products stand for quality. 

Each individual product has its own greatness and is unique. One of the reasons our customers buy from us and give is repeated business.

Would you like to take a look at the VivaMK opportunity again? 

VivaMK - The Future

We are the People's Business 👐

Following a great day at VivaMK HQ in Blackburn

Ivonne Meisel with the VivaMK MD Michael Khatkar
With the VivaMK MD Michael Khatkar

Last week I and other Distributors went for a few meetings to VivaMK HQ. 

It is lovely seeing familiar faces again and talking to each other. We are not only colleagues , also friends, family who are supporting each other to achieve more. There you can see how VivaMK became the People's Business.

Real People. From across the UK and Ireland, with different backgrounds.

Visiting VivaMK HQ
Visiting VivaMK HQ 

At the meetings we talked about the future of VivaMK . Wow, what a future we can expect. VivaMK will grow not only with more products, no also with having even more Distributors on board.
Massive things are planned, we Distributors can be all part of it.
VivaMK stands for Vision, Belief and Partnership. As partners we can all achieve more.

Happy VivaMK Distributors at HQ
Happy VivaMK Distributors at HQ

Maybe it is the right time for you now, looking at the VivaMK Opportunity, as you reading this post. Become part of this amazing business, make friends, have fun and earn money of top of it. Working Online or with catalogues, which we deliver and collect locally.

Leave your details on the form at or text / whatsapp / call me on 07789561645.

New Catalogues Spring 2020

New Catalogues - Spring 2020

The NEW catalogues are out and quite of lot of my customers received these already. 

The catalogues feature a wide range of Household, Kitchen, Bedroom, Home Decor, Bedding, Pet products and much more. 

New VivaMK Spring 2020 catalogue features many new products
VivaMK Spring 2020

The front cover is showing 2 beautiful LED lights. A LED purple butterfly orb and a Glass terrarium with LED's. Products starting from low as £3.50.
Beautiful glass terrarium with LED's and green artificial succulents
Glass Terrarium with LED's

Unique table light contains two purple butterflies, a sprig of purple berries and a soft white LED light chain
LED Purple Butterfly Orb 

Why not take a peek and browse the catalogue? 

Do you know of anyone who would like to start making money with this catalogue, working in their own time , around maybe family or current work? Experience is not required and training will be provided.
Get in touch by email , phone 07789561645 or via the website

Vivamk the People's Business

When you join VivaMK you realise quickly that we are a People's Business. As this VivaMK Blog and post states "VivaMK the People...