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📌You have heard of VivaMK but want to learn more about the business opportunity?

📌Or maybe you have not heard of VivaMK yet and you are curious what this business is all about and how distributors make money. 

VivaMK Catalogues Worksocialmedia Website
VivaMK Catalogues

VivaMK is known as the People's Business and started up in June 2018.

We, distributors are retailing products to our customers via Mail Order (delivering and collecting catalogues) or working online , using Social Media , third party selling sites or doing parties. This is all up to us. Training is given in any area. 

How do we make money in VivaMK you may ask now?

Firstly, that is by retailing the products. We earn 25 - 35% retail commission on every order we submit, that is cash earning . Additional payments may be paid in the beginning of every month directly to the Distributor.

You can read all information about VivaMK  via this Website, you can even ask questions and search within the website using the Google search tool.

Starting with the Main Welcome Page, browse all current catalogues, or even register yourself through the site.  

VivaMK - known as the People's Business all information at worksocialmedia website
VivaMK - The People's Business

The VivaMK Catalogues Main Page
The VivaMK Catalogues Main Page

VivaMK Registration Information Worksocialmedia
VivaMK Registration

For further questions please do not hesitate and get in touch with me. I am happy to help and answer any questions. 
Maybe we can welcome you to our fabulous business next.... 👐💃😀

Vivamk the People's Business

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