The VivaMK Registration - How to join

VivaMK Registration

How do you register with VivaMK? 

The registration is simple and fast. In fact , you could be set up within a few minutes!! Go to  

So what do you have to do? 

Step 1
Go to  . Click on "Select" . The start up charge is £15 and the registered VivaMK Distributor will receive a complete income start up package which includes 100 catalogues of EVERY catalogue available, 100 order forms and 100 snap bags.

VivaMK Registration
VivaMK Registration

Step 2
The second step is simple too. You only have to fill the form in with your details , such as your name, contact details, address (your catalogues will be send to your address!), choose a "Replicated Website Name" for example "Your Name". You will receive a unique personalised Web address from VivaMK and enter your Commission Payment Methods to receive your bonuses.

Register with VivaMK
Site 2 VivaMK Registration

After your completed registration you receive your Distributor Account Number and you have immediate access to the Distributor ordering site.

Vivamk the People's Business

When you join VivaMK you realise quickly that we are a People's Business. As this VivaMK Blog and post states "VivaMK the People...